Devorah Sekula
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Devorah Sekula

Devorah Sekula, the Real Estate Professional

Single minded and determined, Devorah will stop at nothing to ensure the very best for her clients. A motivated real estate agent with 14+ years of experience in sales, she is highly recommended and sought after for her ability to get results. Fast.  Proactive from the first phone call until the move is complete, Devorah uses strong negotiating skills and market expertise to keep the transaction smooth.

Her name is widespread throughout the industry, consummate with success. "I'm super grateful for having an exceptionally loyal clientele, ongoing referrals, and repeat business. Protecting and advocating for my clients' interests and providing the highest quality representation is my responsibility and privilege."

Devorah's enthusiasm, integrity, and professionalism has earned her respect from both clients and professionals alike.  She keeps her finger on the pulse of the industry and is among the top producers.

Devorah Sekula, the Person

Devorah has always called Rockland home. A third generation Rocklander, Devorah has a deep appreciation for the numerous benefits this county has to offer. Devorah and her family enjoy biking, hiking and swimming in Rockland's natural beauty.

Devorah is passionate about what she believes in. "I am a firm believer in giving back. I donate to organizations such as Make a Wish, RCCS, and others."

Devorah's outgoing personality and makes it comfortable for her to connect to her clients, guiding them through a major step in their lives.  "My background, prior to joining the real estate world, was in education. The skills I have acquired there come to use as I guide my clients through the real estate experience. I am confident that my goal oriented style can work for you!"

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